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Petr Svoboda, client communications
Petr Svoboda, client communications
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Jiří Friml
Jiří Friml
Warehouse manager Pardubice
Jan Pachla
Jan Pachla
Customer care manager
Juraj Jánošík
Juraj Jánošík
Warehouse manager Kutná Hora

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Shift Supervisor

From warehouse worker to Shift Supervisor in a year and a half? When you want something, everything is possible.

Dominik joined our team immediately after graduating from high school. Although he had the opportunity to take an administrative position, he decided to make his own way, from the very beginning. Therefore, he started as a warehouse worker–operator.

During his first 9 months at Jusda, he proved to his colleagues and superiors that he has potential and was promoted to the position of SAP operator. His ability to quickly orient himself in systems and his desire to participate in the development of daily operations moved him a step further in his career just 2 months later. He received another amendment to his employment contract from the HR department – this time to the position of Inventory Controller, which requires communication and organizational skills. And these are something that Dominik certainly doesn’t lack. In the next four months, he was given the opportunity to begin developing his skills as a group leader and again succeeded. Soon came another career move, and Dominik is now the youngest Shift Supervisor at our company. We are proud that he has been with us for more than 4 years, and we believe that his career will continue to grow along with Jusda.

IT Product Owner

She understands both logistics and IT – a great combination when you enjoy launching new projects.

Táňa started her career in accordance with her field of study – in the position of junior logistics employee. As time progressed, she gathered the necessary experience and, through the role of specialist, in a relatively short time became a supervisor of the logistics department.

As an already experienced logistician, she received an offer that opened the next stage of her career – to participate in the start-up of the independent JUSDA Europe logistics company. Within the European entity Jusda, she was a key expert who helped launch professional transport services in the newly opened branch in Holland.

She continued her professional development by deepening her professional knowledge and, above all, by expanding her field of activity. She is now an important link between the transport departments (air, sea and rail), the work of which she is perfectly familiar with, and the development IT teams. This is both in the Czech Republic and abroad, giving her the opportunity to use her language skills on a daily basis.

In her current position of IT Product Owner, Táňa provides an ideal combination of professional logistics and IT competences. Thanks to this unique combination of skills, she helps automate and digitize the work of our transport departments.

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