Tailor-made solutions

When it's time to get your hands dirty

We will assess your company’s processes and propose the best solutions in the areas of ​​finance and supply chain

When normal solutions aren’t enough

Tailor-made solutions are our speciality. We try to meet all the requirements of our clients, including ongoing customer support.

It all starts with good preparation and consultation. We will design an ideal solution for the storage, distribution and transport of goods or materials. We optimize your material preparation and transport processes.

Experience and effective tools

We have experience in the field of vendor managed inventory, with preparation of material for production lines and the preparation and consolidation of material for distributing to meet daily turnover. We provide product kitting customised to  the requirements of the end customer or the region.

As well as standard tools for process visualization and warehouse layout, we also work with modern simulation tools that design solutions with multiple variants, presenting these solutions in a modern graphical form.

Project coordinator

Václav Svoboda

During implementation, we will assign you a project coordinator who will ensure that everything goes according to plan, from the beginning through to the timely delivery of the project.

Step forward in the right direction.

Write to us at p.svoboda@jusdaeurope.com or fill out a non-bindingrequest

Write to Petr or fill out a non-binding request

Petr Svoboda, communication with clients
Petr Svoboda, communication with clients

Other services


We ensure that your products have a fast, safe and monitored journey. By air, by sea, by train and by road.


We provide flexible warehouse capacity for receiving and managing goods with both shelving and bulk storage.


Contact us with your requirements for customs representation, insurance and inventory optimization. We will take care of the business management for you and your customers.