Transport of cakes according to a specific temperature regime for the royal family

The famous Prague confectionery bakes exclusive cakes. Its charm extend beyond the borders of Europe and in this case appealed to the Qatar royal family.

Our task was to guarantee fast transport in the temperature range 2-8 ° C. We arranged a direct flight between Czechia and Qatar, as well as freezing before and after arrival, thus reducing the cost of the freezer container in the aircraft.

Transport and storage of aircraft for exhibitions in China

We have worked many times with the CzechTrade agency and its foreign office in Sichuan, China. Their clients include a Czech aircraft exhibitor who needed to arrange the transport of an ultralight model and cockpit.

Our logistical and legislative knowledge enabled us to transport the aircraft by rail to meet the hard deadline. The emphasis on timeliness was also with us during three Chinese exhibitions, when we transported and stored the aircraft.

Automation of business processes thanks to our applications

The client spent a lot of time every day entering data manually and was unable to effectively find information about transported shipments and the levels of stock of their own materials.

Our Qlik and NPrinting applications automated all the work. The applications download and prepare the necessary data from the client’s WMS and then send the output to e-mail. The whole process saves valuable client time and eliminates the risk of human error.